Wiki Finance EXPO will be held in the booming metropolis Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on February 23rd, 2020. The EXPO is expected to attract an unprecedented amount of participants including over 3,000 guests, 30 top forex experts, and more than 30 exhibitors. At present, the Vietnamese market is the fastest growing market in Southeast Asia and ASEAN economies, and it will become a versatile financial market containing various kind of foreign and domestic banks, traders and professional service providers in forex industry in 2020, reaching a capital of 7.8 billion US dollars.
As a global finance data company and forex media, WikiFX will keep up with the trend in its commitment to expand on the global market and provide quality fin-tech data and information services.

Stay tuned, 30+ speakers are invited!

To be our guest speaker, please contact us at wikiexpo@wikifx.com

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    Forex4You is a global online trading platform founded in 2007. From the very beginning, we built our company with a very clear vision. We want to bring a higher level of transparency to the online trading industry, and to make trading truly accessible to all. At the core of our vision, lies our company values. Innovation, honesty, and competence. With these values, we were able to receive the privilege of being trusted by our clients over our 13 years of operations. These clients opened 1.8 million trading accounts with us and proceeded to entrust us with the successful execution of over 730 million orders. Our long-standing tradition of innovation also helped our platform evolve into what it is today. With our multi-platform trading system, traders can connect to global markets--and trade more than 150 instruments--seamlessly whenever they want, wherever they want. To ensure the best possible customer experience, each country we operate in has its own dedicated team of customer service professionals. We support a total of 8 languages, which helps ensure our clients get specialized, 24/7 support in their own language. To learn more about our award-winning trading platform, Forex4you, visit
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    Honor Global is the top online RFEDs foreign exchange broker in the United States. General Headquartered in New York, Wholly owned branches in Dubai, Hong Kong and Canada. In terms of safety supervision, Holding the supervision authorization of the internationally famous financial market behavior safety administration. Obtain dual license and supervision from US NFA and MSB of Canada. Customer account funds are completely segregated and deposited in usbank. And it is underwritten by liyod's of London, the world's most famous insurance organization, Maximum compensation limit Up to $20 million.
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    DK Trade is a securities trading and brokerage firm licensed and regulated by the St. Financial Services Authority. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG FSA). We offer more than 600 products including FX, CFD, Commodities, Equity and Indices and more! DK Trade's priority always puts customers first in the business by maintaining a stable quality of service, along with innovative products and competitive trading services. DK Trade will become one of the largest global brokers, heard and trusted by millions of traders, so DK Trade also aims to support today's busy traders by providing Stable platform and technology.
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    Doo Prime is an online trading platform and a multi-asset brokerage company that focuses on providing financial trading services. Doo Prime has registered offices in Hong Kong, London, Taipei, and Kuala Lumpur and is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of the reputable Doo Holding Group Limited. As the industry leader in online brokerage, Doo Prime provides over 200 trading products including Stocks, Forex, Futures, Indices, Metals, Energies, and Digital Currency in 6 different Trading Terminals. Apart from the online trading platform, Doo Prime also offers copy-trading services, MAM/PAMM system, IB program, and white label solutions among others with 24/7/365 multi-languages support.
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    Digital Dream Technology (DDT), founded in Ukraine in 2017, specializes in financial investment and diversified financial services. The headquarters and operations center is located in Kiev, Ukraine (8th floor IQ Business Centre, 13-15 Bolsunovska St, Kiev, Kiev City, Ukraine 01014), with few agency centers set up in Europe and America. In cooperation with Ukrainian top financial trading expert Andy Hill, on January 20, 2017, Ai Artificial Intelligence Trading System - ET Manager was created. Its function of self-learning and self-correcting big data for the world futures trading market, combined with past and real-time international market transaction data, can trigger the most effective trading solutions in the shortest time to solve and serve the long-term international financial market. In order to ensure that the transaction information in the international financial market is changing rapidly, ET Manager can continue to maintain stable data analysis and make the best trading decisions. DDT took the lead in investing 10 million on the international futures trading platform MT4 on March 16 of the same year. The US dollar opens an account for full trading of foreign exchange, gold, silver and oil by ET. As of December 31, 2017, the average monthly profitability of transactions completed on the account has reached 15 percent. The account (MT4 account number: 22380022) has been uploaded to Myfxbook (the world's most authoritative foreign exchange regulatory website). For this reason, ET Manager has also received appreciation and recognition from the world's foreign exchange and trading teams. Every transaction made by ET Manager in the international futures market is carried out with a rigorous actuarial 10% loss rate and a 90% profit rate. At the beginning of 2018, ET manager officially adopted the actuarial and strict precision logic to calculate 622 profitable assets and a $28 trading commission rebate program for each standard. It has been included in Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Belarus, and the United States. The local private financial investment and wealth management institution provides intelligent financial services. The ET Manager is an artificial intelligence financial plan that is highly professionally evaluated in Europe and the United States. DDT is also equipped with the New Zealand Financial Service Providers (NSP), US Futures Association (NFA) and the Canadian Money Services Business (MSB) certification license. Strictly supervised and managed by New Zealand, Canadian and US federal laws and financial regulators. It will further ensure the safety of user funds, achieve full-scale account isolation, and store retail client funds separately, so as to prevent “brokers from using funds” and effectively protect customer rights. DDT and ET Manager were favored by the majority of foreign exchangers when they officially entered the Asian market in 2019. It is an important decision for global financial investors to make the most comprehensive future investment trend. As of September 2019, there are nearly 80,000 accounts in the world. The International Forex Trading Platform (MT4) fully uses ET Manager to conduct various types of financial transactions. The current average monthly profit percentage is as high as 22.09%. At the same time, it won the honors of “2018 Best Forex Dealer in Eastern Europe”, “2017 Europe Best Artificial Intelligence Innovation Award – Special Award” and “2019 Best Artificial Intelligence Innovation Award”. DDT's great achievements in recent years have been well-known in the international financial community. Recently, the WikiFX domestic authoritative regulatory website has increased DDT brand to 8.47 rating, and it has reached the top 200 global brands. DDT is temporarily ranked 29th in the world which made a rapid leap in the ranking of the authoritative WikiFX. It is inseparable from DDT's insistence on the goal of stable development. It continues to inject the brand with practical and global certification authority and high security.
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    FXSuit is an international online trading broker, giving access to retail and institutional investors, to over 200 tradable instruments from 6 asset classes. The company operates successfully around the globe and places great emphasis on providing professional and reliable services to all our clients.
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